Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Scheduling or Only Fools Rush In.

So Fenner slept til 10:00 am this morning. Like a dream. She wakes up during the night to feed but I'm not sure how often as I never truly wake up. We start the dance together and then I check out.

J and I have slipped into a pretty good semi-routine during the work week. Ladies keep your hands off of him. Here it is:

When J gets home from work he gets some happy baby time right before arsenic hour/happy hour sets in. After dinner while Fenner has a nap we do the dishes together - this is the rule that is as definite as we get right now. No one does the dishes by themselves, primarily this gets both of us off the hook after our work days.

Laundry - I'll do a load or two a day just so that we don't have to spend our co-parenting time on the weekend doing it but Jason always puts it away. Cooking - We're still trying to figure out how to cook full meals with a baby. I just can't wrap my head around it - I suspect listening to her cry while I do it may be in the cards. Unappealing - I admit, I am a pansy for the crying.

J does most of the other household tasks ie: mopping and cleaning. My job is to be out of the house with Fenner (stitch and bitch here we come)

Before we figured out this "babies can sleep alone" business (noone said we were smrt). J would take her for a least 30 minutes to an hour so that I could have a hot bath, a glass of wine and a book read every night. This is luxury of epic proportions and is reason alone for me to massage his very large feet every night.

We haven't had a chance to get used to being awake without Fenner yet since it only happened once. Tonight we were the guest parents at a pre-natal class. We told Fenner's birth story to close to a dozen knocked up couples. I'm thinking that this is what is keeping me awake at 4:30, am still processing the epic adventure. The story and ensuing Q and A perios (yeah, that's right a QA period) took almost the whole class.

The midwife introduced us by saying that we were a great example of a birth that was nowhere near our birth plan. It was an interesting exercise in trying to describe the sensation of going off the deep end and coming out of it with an awesome baby...who is just waking up for a snicker snacker.


Craftygrrrl said...

You are a lucky girl! It's great that you and J are working out a good system. It took Chris and I quite some time to figure out things with Abi.

My suggestion for fixing dinner is to employ the slow cooker as much as possible. We have a baby rocker that is small enough to fit into the kitchen so I would put Abi in it while I fixed dinner. With Liam I have taken to strapping him onto my back in the mai tai which he seems to be digging.

See you tonight.

Rachel H said...

Do you have one of those battery operated swing seats? Or the rocker? I have both in the basement that I could bring by if you want to try them. After I dust 'em off a bit of course. The swing chair was the only way I got to make dinner.

Jillian said...

You two are so cute. I love that you do the dishes together. And I second the slow cooker. It is my fav kitchen appliance of all time. And I don't even have a baby...I'm just lazy...

Not An Artist said...

Aw ;)

Will you be at LK tonight?

meghan said...

You figured out the "babies can sleep alone" thing pretty fast, in my opinion. We only figured it out about a month ago, at a year :)

As for dinner, I second the swing, bouncy chair ideas. I also strap Olan to my back in the beco in order to cook, vacuum, whatever. It's all a matter of finding a new rhythm!

And yeah to helpful dads!!!

Deana said...

yet another vote for slow cooker, swing and/or Sling! I only wished I used my sling more when he was really little, I took a while to learn the sleep on their own bit!