Monday, December 31, 2007

Motherhood = No Proofreading.

I just reread my Christmas post and was amazed at my capacity to forget to commit to only one point of view. Quite honestly I suprised myself that I had the attention span to write for longer than 30 seconds right now let alone write coherently.
Shall we move on? Here is proof that not only do I make great baby (with help of course) but I can knit and be a mom as well. I'm particularly proud that I managed to knit something that required any amount of attention. A series of finished projects to end the year:
Witness the gifting of the endpaper mittens. Liz was very excited about finally receiving them.
Some Fetching as modelled by Liz. The perfect stroller pushing accessories. The picture was taken on the fly while riding a two horse open sleigh. Some baby booties made from some left over gifted Socks That Rock. The pattern is from Cat Bordhi's: New Pathways for Sock Knitters, Book One - Charlie's Seeded Heart Socks. I'm working my way through this book chapter by chapter so as not to miss anything.
Man socks! Big Feet!
Can you see the cables? Sleeves for the Robin Hood Spring cabled jacket for Fenner from this book by Zoe Mellor. CUTE!
Fenner got this party hat from her Grandma Gemmill. Have a happy New Year!!
May the first day of 2006 be spent napping in a basket of kidsilk, wrapped in a handknit blanket being protected by a homemade toy.


Rachel H said...

Happy 2008 my sweet! What an exciting year of learning and growing you, Fenner and Jason have ahead of you. So much fun.

And the pic of your darling girl sleeping in the Kidsilk basket? Damn I wish I could do that...

Yvette said...

Happy New Year Jen! May you continue to be amazing.

rams said...

I am immune to adorable children, I am immune to adorddible chilwins, Iis immuuuuu... shit. That child.

And, while it may be the wine and/or you may already have tripped over this site, an amusing comment chez Steph tonight led me to this. If you have any latent stitches, postpone reading, but I think you have a kindred soul.

(And, on inspection, who the fuck has an EIGHT letter word verification code? It IS a sobriety test...)

Oh Baby! said...

happy new year!!