Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Went for a walk with the mango.

God this must be boring for folks with no interest in babies. I can't help myself. Everyday gets better and better!

In preparation for flying solo to stitch and bitch Fenner and I took our Mango Baby out for a test drive. It was a fabulous day outside and we walked the neighborhood for a full hour - ran some errands at the hardware store, checked out the mom and tots yoga class and got some info on the local community centre.

It's nice to feel human again. Here's one for the photo album. My family hanging out and talking about their day after dinner.
In case you were wondering if I am still working with the sticks and strings. I also fixed the drive band on my new/old spinning wheel and am currently enjoying a fulfilling relationship with Cat Bordhi's mindblowing new sock book and some keepsake Fleece Artist yarn in the Baadeck Summer colourway that I got while on vacation with J last year.

Am in the middle of a cajillion other wips but the socks...I can't stop with the socks.

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Lynn said...

It was great to talk to you last night...I love the pictures, you look beautiful. Try to stay put though and get used to your new life. Kisses to all.