Friday, November 09, 2007

We sprung ourselves!

Signs and indications that I might be a first time mother on her first solo flight:

a) I packed travel sized everything in the diaper bag...including a travel sized bottle of shampoo(you never know when an emergency bath is necessary) but did not have kleenex to deal with a giant spit up occurring 2 seconds after our exit from the house.

Not to worry my fine friends - it's amazing how much barf a disposable breast pad can soak up in a pinch! I'm MacGyver with a uterus - much more practical

b) I waited until Fenner was finished her nap before leaving. It just seemed smart and knit efficient to let her sleep it out. Then I started this the way it's supposed to work for the rest of my life?!?! Enter a hormone induced panic attack before I pulled myself together to realize that I could in fact transport a napping baby and breastfeed at a friendly coffee shop if need be.

But I was enjoying the knit time and the CBC so I knit and waited for her to wake more knitting done today than I have in 2 weeks coincidentally.

c) Once she woke up I changed her, dressed her for the outside world and settled in for a feeding. 4 minutes later she made it loudly known that I shouldn 't have dressed her for the outside world after changing her because I needed to change her again.

This is for you Meghan!
Three hours after deciding that we would go for a walk today here we were almost out the door.


rams said...

They eat, they shit. It gets easier, but right now it's more entertaining for the battle-scarred among us to watch it all happening again to someone else -- like those candies coming down the line at Lucy... (which sounds callous, but is the welcome-aboard ragging of your new teammates.)

Carol said...

Don't worry, you are not alone. My girlfriend told me it once took 3 hours, 4 outfits for baby and 2 for mommy before they made it out the door. It gets better. Really. Or maybe you just get better mad mommy skillz!

m&a said...

Has Fenner ever looked cuter? Six Mile baby indeed, soon she'll be ready to keep up with the best of us.

I so remember the days of never ending preparations, take heart, it does get way easier and faster. Way.

aviva said...

oh man, i totally feel your pain. it takes me HOURS to leave the house with the kids. and it's not even full on winter yet!!!

Cin said...

Wow, do i remember that kind of day! I can laugh at them now, but at the time i felt like flaying myself with a dirty diaper...You're doing great Jen! :)

Auntie Pat said...

We are going to be in Toronto Nov 19-20. Can we stop in briefly to visit or meet at a coffee shop? E-mail me. I have not got a current e-mail for you.