Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Triumverate is finally complete

Fenner and I went to our first stitch and bitch tonight. It was divine....not just because of the delicious Guiness but the company.

Laura gave me a "Congrats on getting that baby out!" gift that is deserving of it's own post.

The Triumverate was complete! How great are these babies!!!


pink_peony said...

Fenner looks like she is saying a combination of pleased to meet you to Liam or "Buddy have you heard of a thing called personal space". Liam looks in shock like who are these people. Zoë is just Zoë. It is the triumverate of cuteness.

Lorena said...

It's true. It is a triumvirate of cuteness. In fact, it is a small planet of cuteness, and aaaaaaahhhh I can not escape the gravitational pull! I must nom nom nom on all those baby cheeks!



I'm okay now.

Jillian said...

This is the cutest thing ever. I might have to start going to s n'b again!

Lisa said...

I don't even like babies and that picture is just too cute. I have been lurking for well over a year now and have to say how pleased I am that Fenner is A-OK and the family is happy happy happy. Congratulations!

Yvette said...

Wish I'd been there. All six of you look great.

Dr. Steph said...

IT was so great to see the Three Witches and their Brood.

I still have a nice post-baby holding glow.

Nice baby makin' there chickies.

rams said...

Missed a few days there (damned MFA) and was just ambushed by major Fennerosity chez Harlot. A quick skim of recent notes moves me to add that tender little baby bums also benefit from sessions with the hair dryer set on low. Fun for all

Cheryl at work said...

I just read your post re: rashes -- watch out with the peneten. My little guy was allergic to anything with zinc in it, and it made the rash go from bad to worse to weepingly horrid. Shoppers has a silicone diaper creme that is wonderful

tracey in mi said...

had to giggle- went to harlots blog this morning... thought: "Hey! I know that baby /momma!"

;) Fenner is just an absolute cuddle! Need a better hood up pic of the bear suit- though;)