Sunday, November 04, 2007

Stupid day job.

After a full month off, Jason is going back to work tomorrow. This was one of the clocks we had ticking in the back of our minds every day that Fenner went past her due date. The last week of her gestation was fraught with the debate about whose schedule took precedence.

While I was bedridden he brought 3 meals a day with 2 snacks up to me in bed - fruits, veggies and high fibre breads/cereals always. I've never eaten such balanced healthy meals. My only job was to breastfeed and snuggle our baby and his only priority was to enable me to do just that.

Our house is spotless, our clothes clean, I didn't change a single diaper until I was somewhat recovered and even though he made me laugh hard enough to worry about busting stitches, I didn't.

I know it's wrong and it's most probably due to a hormone rush of self pity right now...but I want a "do over" for the whole month. I want Jason not to take off for vacation until the due date or afterwards to start with...then there would be one less clock that we'd have to race when we went post dates.

I'm still not sure we made the right decisions throughout the course of the month but what I do know is that Fenner and I wouldn't be doing as well as we are right now if Jason hadn't been with us for at least the past week.

All this to say, I'm feeling pretty ok about going it alone this week. Our fridge is full of delicious food and casseroles from friends and family. My mom will be by tomorrow to help me out and my sisters will be by on Wednesday and Thursday to sub in as well. It doesn't take the burn off of the fact that Jason has to go back to the real world but it'll help us adjust.

We bought a lottery ticket tonight and we're hoping we win just so he can quit his job and enjoy happy baby time with a healed and healthy partner.


lorraine said...

Oh stinky. I wish I could quit my day job and march right over there and play Jason! Or at least I wish I could rig those numbers so that you win the jackpot and Jason can come home for nice long chunks of time.

Urf. Sending you sunny vibes and a thorough sense of compassion for--if not parenthood--a clear understanding of an anti-dayjobitis. xoL:

Craftygrrrl said...

I had the same feelings when Chris went back to work after both pregnancies.

We keep hoping for a big money haul of one sort or another so he too can take up a life of Riley...

Feel free to give me ans Liam a ring if you want company.

Samantha said...

Oh that bites. You and Fenner will manage ... you make a great team already. :)

Carol said...

That sucks. But you know that no matter what you did, Fenner would have done her own thing anyways...So love the time you have with Chris and Baby and ignore the time that he spends at work.