Monday, November 19, 2007

So this is what you meant..

Something happened today. This beautiful picture is of a time when the perfect baby slept for a minimum of 3 hours at a time.

Actually, she's still perfect - I'm exhausted today due to a sudden engagement of ye olde cluster feeding that Fenner engaged in today. I actually don't mind the cluster feeding I think it's pretty cool natural engineering it's the prolactin high that cripples me into exhaustion.

Ah, prolactin.

On a completely different note I've recently become the owner of a sewing machine and am giddy to learn to quilt. Allison blogged about a quilt kit that she'd bought online but Kelly doesn't have any more kits for sale. I'm looking for a 'beginner' level quilting kit to cut my teeth on. Anyone got any recommendations? Right now, I'm just googling away..


Anonymous said...

so buy some material & I'll show you how to cut perfect squares(or do it for you--it's easy - I've got the cutting tool(circular cutting knife), the table and the ruler..............
3", 4", 5" squares- you name it, I'll cut it.
What a georgous sleeping baby....

Andrea said...

your newborn baby slept for a minimum of three hours at at time? i'm trying to reconcile the deep pity i have for myself and my two crazy babies, with the honest happiness i feel for you and your not-so-crazy baby. motherhood has found you flawlessly.

Craftygrrrl said...

There is a great quilt store by me, when I do my next S*bucks run (my new walking motivation) I can see what they have for quilt kits.

The Log cabin style is a great beginner quilt. There are a tonne of variations and it's user friendly. I also have a book on Amish crib quilts if you want to borrow it.

Samantha said...

Ah yes, cluster feeding. Those are tiring days. :) Enjoy them though, they won't last forever.

Cin said...

Wow, that's really ambitious! Best of luck to you with the quilting! I really want to try that some day too. Let me know how it goes! I have a lovely sewing machine that needs a challenge...


Dani said...

I bought "the idiots guide to quilting" and did a rail fence quilt I did two actually - they are here:

both at the bottom of the page. There are some great rail fence instructions if you google it. Here is a video:,,HGTV_3265_1383268,00.html

If you want any other suggestions give me an email!


Peggy said...

Fenner is cute!

You can cut squares/rectangles and piece them together. It sounds simple but the result is great. Another benefit is that you can custom choose fat quarters or 0.2-0.5m of fabric i.e. any combination of colors/patterns of your choice.

Here's a blog where I found inspiration:

Last minute patchwork and quilted gifts is also great.

Hope this helps!

helga said...

hi, dear jen,
it was lovely to see you tonight.
AND your beautiful little jenner.
what a brave baby to face all these
strange women.
take care.

aviva said...

we kind of missed the boat this week, eh? should we make a date for next week? dim sum?

Chartron said...

if you think 'cluster feeding' is exhausting, you should try the 'rabbit' ;-)