Monday, November 12, 2007

Note to self

Stop googling images of baby skin issues like diaper rashes. In fact, stop looking up any baby illness.

Jason came downstairs to find me weeping in my tea for all the poor baby butts - my hormonal heart broken.

Have applied obscene amount of Penaten to Fenner's not chafed at all but and am going to bed to snuggle her brains out.


amy [Knitty] said...

oh my god, you are so sweet.

me -- i have lost my voice and am scared to come near your darling F in this condition (I don't feel sick, though). i will be at LK tomorrow night, however, and perhaps, if i wear a mask, i can squee over your sweet baby then?


Rachel H said...

Back away from the google, dearheart.

Craftygrrrl said...

I concur with Rachel.

I presume Ms. Fenner is having some angry bum issues? We used cloth diapers with Abi and she would get an angry bum from time to time. My Mum suggested that I "air her bum" by laying her on a few of the folded out nappies every day to help avoid any more out breaks.

Dr. Steph said...

Think of every sicko on the subway who gives you advice--they all write on the internet too.

No reading on the internet, unless it's porn.