Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Godmother of Art and Culture

Today le Bean and I did Mom and Tots Yoga. Well, to be fair, my only goal was to try and do some deep breathing. Since the birth it's been hard to engage my abdomen and I figure the best way to start without overdoing it is....take it back to the basics.

So we hung out with some alpha mommies and did some breathing. I did some stretching but certainly nothing compared to pre pregnancy yoga practise. It will come.

To the mother that mentioned to me over coffee afterwards that the sound of a baby choking is silent I say: Fuck you. These are things I know but did not need to hear. Jesus.

Then we went to see my Uncle David's piece at the Ontario Craft Council Gallery...or to show off our recently finished project to my Aunt, Godmother and kindred spirit. Meet my Aunt Sally - Stainglass Artist, Quilter, Folk Artist, and baby whisperer extraordinaire.


Kim said...

Your uncle made the table of my dreams??? I stopped by for the opening at the OCC gallery on my way home last night...and SO love that table.

Dr. Steph said...

Keep telling those Alpha moms to fuck off. They like to keep you as scared as they are.

And try to avoid the comparison game. It's not one you can win (though I bet you could come up with some better categories, than weight, head size, sleeping time etc.)

leslie - knitting therapist said...

Are you fucking kidding me?

Tell me where she is, I'll go punch her out on your behalf.

It's hard enough being a first time mom without a bunch of alphas getting their kicks by freaking out the newbie.


Craftygrrrl said...

I had some nasty experiences with the Alpha Mum set as well. Sad really that no matte how old you get it's just another version of High School.

I got so pissed off at one of them that I told her she was either in denial, medicate or just plain full of shit.xdnldz

Jan said...

Jen...I met a woman who weaves on a corp improv gig today and it took everything I had not to go "MY FRIEND JEN WEAVES AND SHE JUST HAD A BEAUTIFUL BABY AND AND AND..."

Just FYI.


(PS: i totally read your blog)

Rachel H said...

Dude, you've been holding out on me. Does this uncle of yours teach? Take apprentices? Live anywhere remotely near where I could take advantage of the two options above.

Holy Crap that's beautiful stuff. I must try and get to that show.

I have no comment on the alpha mommy from hell. Basically because if i start a comment on the alpha mommy from hell I'll keep ranting about her ilk and miss my son's swimming lesson which would lose Me mommy points.

m&a said...

Oh Alpha mommy, fuck off.

You're the best Jen! And you have one of the greatest babies of all time.