Monday, October 15, 2007

Breathing...just breathing

Random thoughts:

1. If you're going to make a diet of spicy food eating out with equally crazy girlfriends makes your mouth hurt less. I had some big plans to start taking pictures of the random things we're doing to try and convince el buno to arrive. Dim Sum at King's Noodles, though delicious, did not help me produce my own little pork bun.

2. If you *must* do a walk in ultrasound every 72 hours - go as early as possible to ensure a less than 2 hour wait. We got Olga the crazy Russian ultrasound technician again this morning I did actually get in her grill about the accuracy of ultrasound estimated birth weights and the fact she thinks I have a "lazy" baby. I believe the words - it's not lazy it's independant came from my mouth.

3. I must have sleep without it, the crazy gets really difficult to reign in.

4. Midwives rock. I called them from the ultrasound lab desperate with fatigue and frustration and they met me a half an hour later at the office to talk about what we could do to gently persuade the pork bun to jump on the dim sum cart of life. Joyce was a little too happy that I was on the verge of tears just talking about about how healthy and comfy the baby is - I guess that this level of desperation is a good sign.

5. Permission to take Gravol. I got it. Just for the nights that there is no way sleep is coming and just one. Praise all that is holy and life preserving I just woke up from a five hour recovery sleep.

6. Knitting. Am doing a lot of really simple knitting. Tonight I will embark on finishing clue 4 of the Mystery Stole Project and at least one repeat of fair isle on my sisters birthday endpaper gloves. HAH!!!

7. Hanging out at Lettuce Knit is always good though getting difficult to tuck into out of the way corners I have no problem overstaying my welcome. I also picked up my retail therapy bag and all the fixin's to make the pork bun's first halloween costume.


Rachel H said...

*HUG* We were thinking about you all weekend, petal. I'm sorry you're so uncomfortable.

aviva said...

Too bad dimsum didn't work. But hey, at least it was tasty. Let me know if you're up for more food (or other) adventures in the next few days. Call me anytime.

sarah fay said...

take a hot bath, My aunt was six days late, had a hot bath, and the baby was born an hour later in the bathroom, she never made it out in time!

m&a said...

Raspberry tea... the real stuff, not just the berry flavoured. The fact that AOlan was born on his due date is due to the tea, I'm convinced of it ;)

Thanks for the update. I'm thinking of turning into one of those annoying people who call every four hours asking if you're in labour yet :)

Since we've been maternity leave twins it would be the coolest cottage cousin thing EVER if he/she was born on Olan's birthday, which is tomorrow. Do what you can :)

Jillian said...

Hey Jen, I hope things start happening soon for you!

Lynn said...

I'm thinking about you every day and waiting for some inkling of intuition that will tell me when you are in labor. Patience is not so virtuous when you are 9++ months pregnant. Just keep breathing, my dear.

Dr. Steph said...

Okay GARGOLOR, listen up. Your mom has been an awesome gestator and all round fine person. It's time for you to get your hormones in order and start stuff up with the contractions already.

You have some ultra-fab parents-in-waiting and now it's time to do your thing and be born already. Don't make someone go in there and get you!

Do I have to stop this car? Do I?

Dr. Steph said...

Oh wait, I was projecting on that last bit.

indigodragonfly said...

Gargalor, as a fellow "hey, this womb-place is kind of cool, I'll just hang out for one more month" kinda girl, let me advise you for your own self-preservation that coming out now means a shorter embarrassing birth story in your teenage years.

And Jason? It could have been this one (with "GARGALOR'S DADDY" written on the side):

Carol said...

Ooh, what other crazy things have you tried....Glad to hear you got some sleep!

Samantha said...

Gravol was a big help to me in my last month of pregnancy too. Enjoy your sleep!

I 2nd thr Raspberry Leaf Tea ... it will help bring on labour AND it helps with post partum bleeding (keep taking it after baby is born). Three cups a day, steep for 15 minutes with a lid on it (one bag = one cup).

Knitting Ewe said...

As an Ultrasound Tech I am still laughing - about the Russian. There are A LOT of CRAZY Russian Ultrasound Techs. I have heard so much worse .... and had to spend 1000 with 2 of them!

Hand in there!