Saturday, October 06, 2007

40 weeks 2 days

The squatter seems to have become quite comfortable in the temporary home of my body and thusly is the first bun in the last 5 babies I know that is going to be late. I remind myself that this is not my schedule to control. We are at peace with this infernal waiting....I swear!

In the meantime, I met Zoe on Wednesday and what a beautiful little baby! The baker, Joyce is a powerhouse and is setting the bar pretty high for new moms everywhere. We've been inundated with unbelievable baby showers here at casa de overdue buns. My family, knowing that we have no space and tons of hand me downs started an RESP fund for our little one and generously threw a surprise party on our behalf.

My foodie Aunt and Uncle brought us frozen food (garden fresh pesto and tomatoes). I have a large and passionate family - there was much laughing, eating and hugging. We were rendered speechless and comatose by the generosity and smooches.

The entrance of J's parents rendered me a pile of overwhelmed mushiness and tears. We didn't think that we'd be seeing them before the baby came (if he/she ever does...hint hint hint) and Debbie in true knitterly glory, outdid herself.The family shower was followed the next day by a baby shower thrown for us by our urban family. More food, beautiful clothes, toys and, because Aviva recently had her second, she was able to give us a care package of all of those post-partum tools you need for one or two days and no more. Our plans to hunker down and recover won't be interrupted by trips to Shoppers for these items now.

Some of the other beautiful handknits came from Jill who made this beautiful baby jacket and though she is a bit bitter about the stripes. We love them. I too have been knitting - I just finished this baby hat based on this fun Knitty pattern. Nerdy and warm! Also, I finally finished a sister for Squarey, Irma, she's the good egg. She will be going to reside at my close friend Carolyn's home where she will be loved and adored.
I'm finding that my stamina at this stage is truly stinted and usually need a short nap or rest every 2 to 3 hours. After a long 9 hour day out and about I came home exhausted to find this scene waiting for me:

A gliding rocking chair that J and I saw almost a month ago and some wonderful books. We didn't buy the chair then because it just seemed crazy but neither of us has really stopped thinking about it. J rolled up all the change in our change jar and took a generous gift certificate my coworkers gave us and was able to buy the chair without dipping into our savings!

What a guy, eh?

In other news, in an effort to keep ourselves from going stir crazy we're celebrating Thanksgiving tonight - cooking and baking. Lorraine came over and my new wheel is good to go so I'll be combing and prepping some fibre and will be embarking on some fleece handpainting this week.

Must. Keep. Busy.


Craftygrrrl said...

That wait is such a drag! But enjoy these last few days.

Wannietta said...

Must be a girl - fashionably late but considerate. She's letting you and your family have the Thanksgiving w/e! Or maybe she's planning a special Thanksgiving day surprise for you.
There is nothing better in the world for rocking baby to sleep than a glider rocker - J is a sweetie!!

m&a said...

Oh, all the sweet little things! The glider will be awesome.

I'd tell you to enjoy your last days before the baby but I know that I couldn't... I just wanted him to be HERE, we were tired of waiting!

We look forward to the news, enjoy looking over your loot :)

rams said...

Oh, that gliding rocking chair is going to be such a boon. Nothing worse than nearly getting the bun to sleep, then clunking off the edge of the rug or into the wall (our lovely Shaker rocker walks.)

Thinking of you while you wait (our son was 10 days late and jumpstarted at that -- 10 lb, 7 oz needs no further baking, and his wrinkly fingers agreed.) Get someone to post for you when the great day arrives.

Lynn said...

I have been thinking about you and following your Blog. Hope all goes well with the birth of your beautiful baby.
Lynn from the Purple Sock

Carol said...

What great gift ideas! I know a lady that is expecting in late November..hmmm..

knitty34 said...

I hope he comes soon! (BTW - love the Monster Factory member in your basinette there.... aren't they the greatest?


Dr. Steph said...

Hope the wait is over by the time you read this. If you can be zen about this, parenting will be a breeze!

I love the rocking chair. I always regret not buying one--you and bun will spend lots of snuggle time together there.

Hope to meet him/her in person really soon.