Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Knitting and Knesting

Before getting on the wheel I needed to finish a few projects that had been haunting me for months.

A pair of Sock Candy socks - I loved the colourway, love the striping but hated knitting with the cotton. They took forever but look how pretty they are now - the pattern is the standard sock, nothing special. Taking pictures of my feet nowadays is something I'm quite proud of as it requires some minor gymnastics.

Personalized baby blanket from Erika Knights book Simple Knits for Cherished Babies out of Rowan All Season's Cotton. It was the perfect project for my baby brain when following a pattern or thinking while knitting was too much to consider. The book is wonderful.
Some booties out of left over Opal sock yarn. Fast. Simple. Adorable.

To prove that I can still knit the 'real' stuff I give you the first Endpaper Glove for my sister. Out of Socks that Rock 'Mystery Colourway' and Baby Ull in black. I love the way these are turning out and when I feel like I need knitting that requires a brain they are the perfect project.
We had the midwives over for the home visit last night. Everything is perfect the bunner is heading south at a leisurely pace and is no longer 'floating', I'm GBS negative and everyone is on track for getting our game on. The bun is now old enough that if I went into labour I wouldn't have to go to the hospital - hooray!

Jason and I have everything at home that we need if I went into labour this afternoon. Diaper delivery is scheduled for next Tuesday, mat leave is impending (thank god!) and both the OB and the midwives are in agreement that I'm in great shape for birthing at home.

Feeling good and blessed.


Jillian said...

That's all great news. And the endpaper mitt looks really cool with the solid back and the sock yarn changing colour.

Sandi Purl said...

beautiful FOs and great news on the birthing front! giv'er! xo

Dr. Steph said...

Beautiful knitting. I'm so glad everything is ready to go for the birth at home. Woohoo!

Yvette said...

Way to go. Your path seems remarkably clear and (gasp!) organized.
But why is the mitt's visible black seam not shown in the photo?

Anonymous said...

Awesome: can't wait for baby pix. I enjoyed finding your blog. Hugs
AGnieszka (Scott's friend, remember me from Montreal in 96 or so:)??)

kelly said...

go jen go!

Lara said...

All the for a great home birth!

cousin meg said...

Yahoo! So crazy that you start your leave when mine ends. Reading this brings back so many memories! You sound super organized, which is great. And I LOVE the blanket (with the F), does that mean that you settled on the name? Oh, I'm so excited to see this all unfold!

Lynn (The Purple Sock) said...

sounds like you are all set to go.
the baby socks look great, I love the endpaper mitt.

Kristin said...

Congratulations on your brave decision to birth at home. it was the best choice I ever made & has just totally changed my life for the better! Best, K.