Tuesday, September 04, 2007

And then there were two....

It would seem Joyce (the middle mother) has gone and done it. The first of our posse has had the first beautiful baby Zoe - she sounds wonderful. Here is the last known documentation of a juicy fertile Joyce all wrapped in the love that is a handmade blanket.

Laura spun and knit beautiful sweaters for all of us. My superlative model is a special Ms Claire who grew a little attached to the sweater as the evening cooled off at the cottage.
Meet Lambert the Lamb from Auntie Rachel - Lambert is a Cancer who loves to read classics on the dock in the early morning - preferably upon the finest of blankets made by many loving and dedicated hands. Lambert is softer than soft and enjoys a prominent place upon the book shelf that will house a special baby's worldly possessions.
Some of which will include a cableknit sweater from Joyce the new Matriarch herself, Tulip from the garden of Ms. Pearl-McPhee and a spectacular kimono sweater from the uber generous Jean Anne.
It took all of my power to tear the cupcake away from my very own Matriarch who taught me to knit. Mimi was quite taken with the cuteness that is from The Rocket herself.
Missing from this essay are the rolling dice from Emily and Clara and all of the sentiments from all of the wonderful women and men who collect at Lettuce Knit every week to knit and jibber jabber...Such wonderful people to surround oneself with.

Spoiled. Rotten. In utero no less.


Lynn said...

Jennifer! Look at how beautiful you are! I wish I could pat your belly. You look amazing...can't wait to see you again.

Elizabeth said...

holy adorable woolly goodness. The ante has been upped and Aunty Liz has gotta get on it.

Alison said...

Wow, what lovely knits. And your blanket is my favourite. :)

aviva said...

The countdown has begun...! Only a few more weeks to go, eh? I can't wait to see you this weekeend.