Thursday, August 23, 2007

Momma makes good placenta.

I like to keep pregnancy simple. As someone who is incredibly susceptible to the power of suggestion I've been extremely careful not to put myself in situations where people would tell me the worst stories possible about pregnancy. In fact, I have experienced better health because of the lifestyle change that being pregnant has inspired. Shockingly, eating well, sleeping 8 hrs and exercising really does lead to an overall sense of well being.

That being said, during the first trimester that J and I lived with a high dose of fear of miscarriage, so I feel we've done our time. At the end of purgatory we had what I was hoping would be our only ultrasound to check anatomy - A fibroid of substantial size (we'll call it Earnest) showed up.

My midwife was a little bit surprised at the location Earnest who seeemed to be loitering in front of the one and only exit for the bun and to be safe she referred us to an OB at Mt. Sinai. I was not happy about this turn of events but decided to embrace knowing about Earnest earlier rather than later....

We had our appt last week with a great OB. He has 3 kids, worked in Newfoundland and consults in Northern Ontario. Jason and I had a lot of fun with him while he went on and on about the beautiful graph of our baby's heart rate. According to Doc the only reason he could see for me to move to the hospital would be for the "good stuff" maybe his nickname should be Dr. Greenthumb.

I never thought hearing a man tell me about how beautiful my placenta was, what a perfect amount of amniotic fluid I've got and what a perfectly positioned head my bun has would make me feel like I had just spun gold out of straw.

Seriously, I feel like I just knit the perfect sweater out of the most precious of fibres and it fits me like a dream.

Earnest on the other hand has moved out of the bun's way and has grown quite obese on his diet of estrogen - 8cm x 8.2cm x 8.3 cm - THINK ABOUT THAT A SECOND. It's like a body pillow for the fetus for god's sake.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Still there?

I can't believe how fast time flies when life is good. I find it a little offensive actually. Is it because I feel so awesome that time is flying by?

The past month has just been a whole ton of fun. My new office had the first of two staff meetings in New York/New Jersey. This is my friend the train conductor before letting me take a picture of him with a freshly started baby blanket.

And after.
He's adorable. Needless to say Canadian cohorts were pretty darned mortified to watch me go through the actions of convincing him to let me take the pic.

The whole trip was an exercise in me falling in love with all the folks I work with remotely. Fun, talented, supportive group of people who were mostly shocked because I don't sound pregnant. It was a lot of fun to show up and shock folks.

The rest of the last month was spent at the cottage...I'm on the verge of having another crop of finished objects done within days of each other so maybe, just maybe you'll see some ADORABLE baby goods. Maybe even a grown up sweater as well...Dare to Dream!!