Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sleep is for the list-less.

It's been months...well at least weeks since I've been up at 4:00am thinking what a *perfect* time to make my to do list for the weekend. I bet the wait times for telephone banking are minimal right now!

My to do list this weekend:

- Get financial records in order for the CCRA who needs proof I had the TTC monthly pass program for 2006.

- Get long overdue haircut

- Buy clothes for my first work event in New Jersey next weekend. Preferrably clothes that make me look somewhat like a professional grown up. My company meets twice a year and since most of my colleagues are American this is my chance to WOW them with my style, grace and beauty.
Am seriously contemplating starting my personal presentation with Fat Albert's infamous "Hey, Hey, Hey!" I wonder what the lasting impact would be....

- Finish Chart 2 and 3 of Mystery Stole am obsessing that the last 2 RS rows have been 1 stitch short...I feel a needle change is necessary. Am also obsessing that I'm being 2.5 weeks in the patterns. Luckily knitters are crazy nerds and there will be a two week hiatus while everyone reads the new Harry Potter book.

- Buy some buttons for various finished baby items

- Work on Baby Surprise Jacket the current baby project though am seriously considering tossing this aside to knit a Zimmerman bunting bag. Did I tell you my sisters bought me The Opinionated Knitter for my birthday? I love them deeply.

- Reknit sleeves of Jane Origami sweater - really, it would be a bonus if I finished one of the fronts and ripped out one of the sleeves for reknitting.

- Brunch with long lost girlfriend Stasha

- Coffee with Erin and Jill with a Sunday visit to Lettuce Knit

- Fantasize about owning a home with a rental space big enough to house my darling friend Krista and her beautiful brilliant children.

- Drink some home roasted coffee while reading the Saturday Globe and Mail not in a car driving somewhere.

- Eat dinner at my friend Lori's house! A chef extraordinaire, her food and hostessing is exquisite. There will be pictures this time I tell you.

Am so excited to be in town this weekend. I will start it all, with a bath.


Erin said...

dear god. stealth visit potentially compromised. ackkkk. see yah tomorrow bubbs. fyi, i'll be done the book tonight, no hiatuses for the TRUE nerds.

Dr. Steph said...

I'm happy about the 2 week break too. I'm still on clue 2.

And I think the Fat Albert idea is ill conceived. Just sayin'.

Jillian said...

It was great to see you yesterday! Hopefully I get to visit with you at least one more time before babyday!

I think you should go for Fat Albert because then everyone at work will always remember who you are. I usually start every presentation by tripping over a powercord and it seems to be working for me!