Monday, July 23, 2007

The perfect city weekend

Is the weekend that you get everything you need to get done, done and you still feel relaxed and well rested by Sunday night. Delicious. It went somethign like this: Ratatouille, sleep in on Sat., Shopping for grown up clothes, banking, nap, knitting, dinner at Lori's, sleep in, brunch with Stasha, nap, coffee in the Market, snuggles with Denny, meet stranger from Florida, catch up with Jill and Erin, nap, knit, hang out with J, bed

This goddess here is my friend Lori. She is a chef not just any chef but the chef that catered our wedding at the cottage. The food at our wedding is still discussed with awe and amazement. She and her culinary creations deserve all the awe they get. Dan rocks too.

Lori has a group of us over for a barbecue once a month. J and I shamelessly organize our weekends in the city around this event because it is that much fun to be a part of - she is truly the Wonder Woman of food, drink and entertaining.

Jason is a lot of really fun and great things, but an adventurous eater he is not. Yet he will eat anything Lori puts in front of him without question. For example (this is for you Martha) CHIPOTLE GAZPACHO! It was "S" to the "picy" so we ate it nice and slowly while sipping on a cold Pinot Grigio. The kind of spicy that makes the air feel refreshing and the dining slow and luxurious.
For me, the meat, the red and delicious well cooked Whole Foods flank steak is what I crave. Momma loves her protein and her iron. With grilled and marinated cauliflower and an arugula radicchio salad with goat cheese, molasses and I think a bit of lemon.

Dessert was humbly offered up by Dan, Danielle, J and I. We brought babycakes from Kubo Radio and D&D brought Absinte. The ritual drink.

Dan and I used to get up to all sorts of hijinks when we would get into the ritual drinks - alas I've retired my skillset so I got to be the memory of the evening. It was fun but don't they look like they're having more fun? Adorable.


Erin said...

like you have a fun-looking, hot, chef friend. i think you're hogging primo friends. (but it looks like crazy fun)

Carol said...

I'm jealous. I want a chef friend! Looks like a lot of fun.

denny Mcmillan said...

fuck off erin, am I chopped liver or what?

Denny = trained chief......hello

denny Mcmillan said...

soory I ment Chef

denny Mcmillan said...

sorry I ment ....sorry

Lorraine said...

What a lovely weekend! Hope this long one's as good to you, too.

Denny you are funny. But you will be chopped liver in my books until you return my phone calls. I'm stalking you. You can't escape.

Aunt Martha said...

If I don't get the recipe for Chipotle Gazpacho immediately, I'm going to hold my breath until I turn blue!

Aunt Martha