Monday, July 09, 2007

It takes a community to raise a child....

or at least tell a woman how to raise her child the second she looks pregnant.

It's official. According to the old man sitting on his stoop watching his grandkids - I'm so huge I must be carrying more than one. Bless your heart old man! It's a litter!!

At 26 weeks (Canada Day weekend) we went on the last canoe/portaging trip of the pregnancy. I could still hump our gear in if someone took the canoe (god bless you kevlar) but I was pretty sore in all the joints at the end of the trip.

Of course, the treachorous final portage in a torrential downpour didn't help. I got some satisfaction out of it but it was a poor argument to convince Jason that vacation can be challenging *and* relaxing. He's picking our next trip.

I just wanted to show everyone that there is always room for knitting. I have some finished objects...well the knitting is done, but I want to do the buttons before I show it all off. Also, spinning, dyeing and eventually some handpainting (next week!)

Keep well and by this time tomorrow I'm sure I'll have colorful and inspired tales to tell. Until then, I'll let Mother Nature do the work - after the torrential downpour cleared this is what we were left with. Not bad at all.


Samantha said...

That looks like a load of fun! You did pretty good doing your last portage/canoe trip at 26 weeks. I only managed to get out car camping once. Would have rather done a back-country type thing, but my body just won't allow it.

I love the rainbow picture. Gorgeous!!

What is your due date? I can't remember.

Erin said...

nice butt!

Carol said...

A rainbow at the end! How prophetic. and I bet you the vacation that gets picked out next will be something you would never think of yourself!

Sandi Purl said...

great pix! you one brave mama! or is that crazy mama!? i'm a not-camper, so that whole portage-y thing seems loco to me. and then pregnant on top of that!? aye aye aye! i promise not to tell my ma ;-)