Monday, July 16, 2007


Dear J,

Today marks the 2 year anniversary of this smooch.

The past 4 years of having you in my life has been nothing short of a gift. I never thought that someone who could bring so much balance and grounding to my wingnuttery could also inspire such fun and adventure at the same time.
Thank you for trying so many ridiculous new things (I recognize that portaging and setting up tents in the rain is not easy) with me. Biking through bear country in order to get to our honeymoon destination was a pretty big clue I'm not a luxury wife but then the next year having to hike around a full grown moose carcass in Newfoundland.

Oh my god remember that? Stinky. Maybe that was me after a 12 hour hike....

Of the many awesome constants I knew life with you would have, I never imagined that laughing so hard I snort every. single. night. before falling asleep would be one of them.
Last year was a bit rough for us - we had to navigate some rough waters. Recovery from awful miscarriages that turned me into weeping piles of crippling sad, money issues, talks of the future plans, awful jobs (glad that's over!). I've heard that these are the things that can break marriages and spirits yet navigating last year without you is unimaginable.
This year seems golden already doesn't it? I'm so excited that we'll be together going through the next round of whatever life doles out to us - especially the good stuff. I'm mostly excited about the good stuff.
PS: Thanks for picking me up matzoh ball soup to battle my cold...I need to go back to bed. All this loving appreciation can knacker a girl out.


Rachel H said...

That's so sweet. Happy Anniversary!

Kim said...

Happy Anniversary! That man is a keeper and he'll make an awesome dad to little Smooshie (nee Gargalor?)

Dr. Steph said...

Happy Anniversary!

Sandi Purl said...

Happy Anniversary, lovahs! xo

Jillian said...

Happy anniversary!

Scheherazaad said...

Happy Anniversary! and wishing you many more

krista said...

sniff sniff... happy anniversary!

You guys are so cute.

meggo said...

Haaaaaaaappy Anniversary!!!

What a fun weekend that was, and so hot! I'll never forget it. You guys rock together.

So good to see you this weekend, brief though it was. We look forward to a (hopefully) extended visit in August.

alyson said...

And oh, the great times that are ahead with the wee one on the way, and your new job. Can't wait to see what details the blog will bring us!
Happy Anniversary to both of you.

jacquieblackman said...

That is too sweet! Happy (belated) anniversary!!