Wednesday, June 06, 2007

How plagues are started.

My husband's coworker went to work with a bad cold instead of taking the day off. Now my home has been transformed into a petri dish. Piles of tissues overflowing from garbage pails in every room, vitamin C, orange juice, water.
It has to be one of the things I miss the least about working in an office with recycled air - the misguided notion that folks have about coming into work while sick.

It took about three days to recover from the weekend. Ma Hendriks and all the sisters came through over the weekend. Jay and I and our posse of knitters and comedians enjoyed the high art that is Evil Dead: The Musical. Sheer genius.

My mom took me to see the ballet on Sunday. High art indeed. What was really neat was that the Wolf's Court - Music and Choreography was worked out at the same time! It was the first such collaboration that the National Ballet had ever used. It was also my favourite story.

Then the week struck - I led training sessions all week and now am counting the minutes until I pick up the car rental and head to the cottage for a rare quiet weekend. Just me and a girl friend.
Am very excited about the dyeing time that I'll be having. I finally made it to G & S Dyes and will be showing off my first handspun, handdyed yarn next week!

In the meantime a looooong overdue FO picture: Tuscany, my first test knit, first lace, first sea silk shawl. A complete product of a moment in time.
I had two skeins of sea silk in Vintage. My mom was getting some scary tests done and Amy needed someone to test drive a pattern for some crazy new book she was thinking about writing.
The rumoured health benefits of sea silk really hit a home for us and Mom's tests came out better than we could have hoped.


Jillian said...

I love your Tuscany Jen! And I'm going to see Evil Dead in two weeks so I'm glad to hear that it is so great. Have fun at the cottage.

Peggy said...

That's a beautiful lace shawl!

denny Mcmillan said...

hmmmm only 6 more to go..... go read CraftGrrrl.