Wednesday, June 27, 2007

If I could only stop resenting my laptop.

For the heat that it is generating I would be able to write a coherant post about how awesome it is to work from home in a non air conditioned environment.

All reports point to 43 degrees and the sweat streaming from my belly is agreeing with said reports.

Everytime I try and write I get hynotised by the picture of me and the sisters canoeing and the water calls.

Thank god we're heading out to Frontenac Park this weekend.

Must refill water spritzer in order to attempt to keep body temperature below "losing my shit"

Peace out.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Getting the stink off ya': A How To Guide

Get out of the city. Go canoe tripping with your sisters. Flex your muscles and enjoy the sun.

Enjoy the clean air, big sky and fresh water of the lake - be the only campers on the lake at the time for extra "good for the soul" points.

Knit. Outside. By the fire.

Appreciate the little things and the place they hold in the larger picture

Learn from nature...especially when it comes to keeping the damned horse flies off your back.

What a great weekend. A short paddle, portage and paddle again and we felt like we were in the middle of nowhere. Mother Nature even provided a short rainstorm in the middle of night that cleared up exactly as we were thinking that it was time to break camp. The sound of rain on a tent is the perfect sound to sleep to.

This is how J restored his soul this weekend. I love that book. What books would you recommend to someone who is stepping up to be your birth partner?

Friday, June 15, 2007

24 weeks and I'm heading for the water...

Dear Jason,

Whew. Am I ever glad that week is over.

Something shifted last weekend for the little Smooshie. I suspect we've finished building all the major organs and we're going for size now. Whatever we spent last week growing was really uncomfortable and hormonal for me. I'm hopeful that this week we will be back to the "Holy Hannah - I feel great and feel like a sexy hot Mama!!" phase again. That was a fun phase - remember that? I just wanted to thank you for being such an aweome Partner in Crime last week. You really had my back, brain, belly and heart and I'm not sure I would have made it through as ...'gracefully' without you.

Most notable I wanted to thank you for not telling me what I'm able to do. You have no idea how good it feels to know that you believe in me and my ability to ask for help. Trying to convince people that I know my own limits is a losing and disempowering battle. You provide a safe harbour that I know I don't need to 'prove' myself or fight for myself.

I'm feeling great today and Smooshie is doing the little weekend dance. We'll miss you this weekend but can't wait to see what next week brings us.

Love J and S.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Did you go public?

For the first time in the history of the TTC Knit A Long my overspending and overstimulated face was not partaking. Not only that but I missed the first patio Drunken Knitters night! Am still desperately awaiting for folks to post their fun stories of the night (hint hint).
Instead I chose to rebel against KIP Day by SIP'ing instead. There was KIP'ing as well but Stella really brought the fun this weekend. After a few hours of suntanning she got antsy for some movement and exploration.
Stella really got to know my sister Liz on this trip. They spent a lot of time together. My sister regalling Stella with stories of industry and government committees for sustainable water resource management implementation. The future of water conservation in development and the dangers of complacency and self-congratulation in the green movement.Stella in turn regalled Liz about her evil intentions for a merino fleece. Once spun up she planned on cooking and colouring the yarn. Liz recounted this story to me with some concern that it sounded a lot like a sort of a Silence of the Lamb scenario without the hand cream. Of course, Stella conveniently forgot to warn Liz and the rest of the cottage dwellers about the smell that is emitted by the boiling, dyeing merino fleece. The wet dog smell that ate two cottages.
They were impressed with the finished product though. I'm pretty happy with the colour and am looking forward to playng with unspun fleece and dyes. The next step!
I finally finished the Pea Pod Baby Set. I'm about halfway done the matching hat and I LOVE IT. The sweater, the yarn (Dream In Color), the pattern. It was all delightful. I'm glad to have it done. There are so many fun things currently in play right now! Endpaper Gloves! Nautie! Flower Basket Shawl! Jane!
I'm desperately trying to hold off starting a baby hat using this pattern. So! Nerdy!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

How plagues are started.

My husband's coworker went to work with a bad cold instead of taking the day off. Now my home has been transformed into a petri dish. Piles of tissues overflowing from garbage pails in every room, vitamin C, orange juice, water.
It has to be one of the things I miss the least about working in an office with recycled air - the misguided notion that folks have about coming into work while sick.

It took about three days to recover from the weekend. Ma Hendriks and all the sisters came through over the weekend. Jay and I and our posse of knitters and comedians enjoyed the high art that is Evil Dead: The Musical. Sheer genius.

My mom took me to see the ballet on Sunday. High art indeed. What was really neat was that the Wolf's Court - Music and Choreography was worked out at the same time! It was the first such collaboration that the National Ballet had ever used. It was also my favourite story.

Then the week struck - I led training sessions all week and now am counting the minutes until I pick up the car rental and head to the cottage for a rare quiet weekend. Just me and a girl friend.
Am very excited about the dyeing time that I'll be having. I finally made it to G & S Dyes and will be showing off my first handspun, handdyed yarn next week!

In the meantime a looooong overdue FO picture: Tuscany, my first test knit, first lace, first sea silk shawl. A complete product of a moment in time.
I had two skeins of sea silk in Vintage. My mom was getting some scary tests done and Amy needed someone to test drive a pattern for some crazy new book she was thinking about writing.
The rumoured health benefits of sea silk really hit a home for us and Mom's tests came out better than we could have hoped.