Thursday, May 31, 2007

Third Time's a Charm

So there are things that no one ever tells you before you decide to have a delicious baby. For example: That your sense of size will no longer have any basis on reality. I have no idea how big I am. I *feel* large and in charge and yet....have gained 2 pounds.

Case in point 1. I have started a simple pair of socks THREE times in an effort to get a pair that will fit me. This is at least my 24th pair of socks that I've knit and I can't seem to get gauge. As demo'd here my socks fit perfectly on the head of my happy zen buddy or whatever his name is....actually it's kind of cute. I may just throw in the towel and make a toque for him.

Case in point 2. The Baby Pea Pod in Dream in Color "Classy" (because you just *know* any baby of mine is going to put the ass back in Classy...yuk yuk) So adorable and so very knit for a freakishly tall and wide 2 year old when I was aiming for the freakishly adorably 6 month old baby set. I even did a very tiny half hearted gauge swatch.

Luckily this is a *fast* knit - I started (twice) on Sunday and am almost done the body. I'll be riiiiiping this out today so that I can aim for a size that might fit a little person under the age of 12. Isn't it dreamy though? Thank god I love knitting this sweater.

There are other things that happen but I have to check in with the union to find out if I'm allowed to talk about them. I will say this: Farts that have the power to enter your dreams in REM cycle and turn them into nightmares about the smell being so awful that you inadvertantly sent it in an email to your coworkers. Seriously, it woke me up and I thought I was going to die.


mjm knitting said...

i don't think you should throw in the towel on the sock. you just need to finish that toque first for blue zen boy and then he'll give you your mojo back to knit socks properly. looks like he's been waiting for one for a while.


Craftygrrrl said...

You think pregnant gas is bad?! Wait till your system re-inflates apres Baby! I could have propelled a vehicle and been personally responsible for creating a new hole in the Ozone.

Lorraine said...

Porch. Please? Sweater looks lovely. Why out rip? Very tired. Leaving for Victoria now. Back Sun Jun 10 (via Vancouver...and Barrie). Porch. Porch-porch. Porch.