Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My husband's people.

The tiny local theatre that is responsible for me meeting my partner in crime just started their first real ad campaign. Viral advertising is a penniless charity theatre's best friend - if this makes you chuckle send it to someone you know who likes a chuckle. It might just keep a little underground comedy alive.

Anyway I totally blame the Bad Dog Theatre for the fact I now wake up 3 times a night to empty my squished bladder. They made it up to me with this hilarious little improv video. Breastfeeding. It's good for everyone.

Do yourselves a favor and go see some local comedy tonight whereever you are and get some laughter going on. It's good for you and your babies.


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Tania Little said...

You crack me up! That video was hysterical - seriously funny, although can I tell you that my 16 year old daughter was standing behind me not getting the humour at all. Thanks G-D!

Hope you're having a great one.
:) Tania

denny Mcmillan said...

mmm mom your a good cooker

Stephannie said...

I love it! La leche meets Bad Dog.

I remember Craig testing the temperature of breast milk in the bottle (G rated comment here) and his friends FREAKED. I swear he started doing it just for the shock value.

Elizabeth said...

Great advertisement for the Bad Dog. They should add the phone number, website or address on the last shot so people know where to go for more information. Just a thought...