Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The emotional roller coaster ride that is my mail

Received in today's mail delivery:

a) Receipt of fleece delivery from Lindenhof Mills - Yay!

b) Letter of rejection from Ryerson for the midwifery program - Boo! But I'm vaguely relieved as I feel that having a new baby, a new job and starting a new program was a recipe for a breakdown.

c) My Spinners Quarterly in which you can find a book review by yours truly! Thanks Ms. SQ!

d) A welcome package from (all the lactaction consultants need to sit down) NESTLE EFFING BABY CLUB. I have an idea how they may have gotten my mailing information but my repulsion knows no bounds. The Magazine is currently on the floor of my office staring at me...daring me to read it's articles that will only make me rage against the machine....



Not An Artist said...

Its hard to take angry Garblor seriously. Maybe its the cuteness?

Yvette said...

Hey, you're a whole new target market! Wait until the RESP people start calling.

Congrats to you guys. That's one lucky kid in there.

Dr. Steph said...

Sorry to hear about the midwifery school. That sucks.

And the irony of the nestle thing makes my mind reel. I can bring over some matches and accelerant if you like.

j. said...

Yes. Also, direct marketing companies collect birth registration information, so after the great event you'll be receiving more suspiciously-timed targeted mail. With samples!