Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The cottage has been yarnified

We got back last night after a perfect weekend at the cottage. I can usually gauge the cottage satisfaction for the season by the quality of this weekend - did you set yourself up for a summer of family frustration and neverending cottage repairs? Or, did you get the necessary done and did everyone agree on the summer priorities and more importantly DID YOUR FATHER FIND A WICKED ASS CONTRACTOR?!?

Yes to all of the above - hooray for DAD!!!!

My sister and her partner, J and I and my parents got the water running and even managed to clear our some of the Mystery items that found their way to the cottage over the season last year.

I find it infinitely satisfying to cull the crap that gathers in herds in the sheds and the shelves. Broken toys, heaters that are in fact spectacular weapons of destruction, fishing poles that are missing half of their poles and lures that will give us all cancer one day.

My recent lifestyle change (ie: waking up at hours obscene to all but new mothers and not spending the evenings attached to a delicious bottle of merlot) at the cottage are most pleasant. Dawn up north is everything it is in the city only, beautiful and peaceful.

The happy summer suprise is there is a new yarn shop that has opened in our nearest town Coldwater! Lynn is a delightful spinner and knitter who opened up a mere two weeks ago. Her display cases are all made of barnwood from their barn that fell down the year before and are full of loose teas (some her own blend) and delicious natural fibres.

It's a wonderful shop and if you happen to be passing through off of highway 12 or a short stop off the 400 just north of Barrie you'll get a warm welcome from her


Wannietta said...

I'm definitely going to have to check it out!
If you're up this way and are in need of a knitterly diversion, gimme a call!!

Lorraine said...

Welcome home sparky loo hoo! I had a little porch knit on your behalf the other day...

krista said...

How wicked to have a yarn store up near your cottage country!

Sandi Purl said...

could this new shop be on the way to the elvis fest in collingwood? hope so!