Thursday, April 05, 2007

Christ is RZA'n indeed!

I love Easter. It's my favourite Christian holiday of all (Thanksgiving doesn't count here). Mostly because the story of Easter is actually a spectacular Zombie movie waiting to happen. Of course except that JC doesn't have "the taste for flesh" thing going on.

And besides, the Easter bunny as some sort of representation of the event? AWESOME.

We're having a movie party in honour of Easter this weekend. Movies on the agenda:

Jesus Camp
Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter
Wallace and Grommit: The Curse of the Were Rabbit (bunnies!!)


canknitian said...

Have you seen this?

Also, this website offers biblical proof that Jesus *was* a Zombie.

Have a Zombiriffic Easter!

Not An Artist said...


Happy Zombie Jesus weekend!

Erin said...

jesus camp is great. paul's roomie grew up in weird youth camps like that and felt super uncomfortable and actually left while we watched it.

i heart an awkward movie-watching experience.


krista said...

Ahahah. That is very funny.

I will BE the Easter bunny this weekend. I'm thinking of dressing up in a unitard and bunny ears and hopping around hiding chocolate eggs everywhere.

Um. Not really.

PS- How are you? I've been thinking about you lately.

krista said...

PS- The girl hole looks fab and fresh.

Stephannie said...

Okay, now I can love Easter again (my ex-catholicism was getting in the way). JC as Zombie totally makes sense.