Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Oh my god. The Laughter.

I know I know I'm not *old*. It was a poorly turned phrase. What I meant to say was: I don't remember life change being this uncomfortable when I was 22. The effect of the incredible amount of pot I smoked at university I suppose.

Onto a much more fun subject. My mom turned 60 this year. After raising me and my 3 siblings, we are all extremely excited that she made it for her surprise party for her last weekend.

In typical nerdy girl fashion, my sisters and I went north and whisked mom away to enjoy the ROM's Starlab exhibit at the Simcoe Museum. I suppose if any of us had read the information we wouldn't have been as surprised that we were the only "grown ups" there. It was worth it.

Mom taught my sisters and I all about the constellations when we lived in Manitouwadge - the perfect place for it what with being located in the middle of nowhere so she got to tell the ROM dude a couple of stories and even mention Cassiopeia (we just like saying it).

J and I put together a presentation of pictures of my mom through the years. We tried to get a representation of Mom in all her lives - as a friend, mayor, grandmother, wife and hottie. The common thread through all of the years was the laughter and the silliness. It was a ton of fun growing up with this lady.

My mom and dad making a bid for freedom after going legitmate.
It took me 32 years to come to terms with the fact my mom wasn't just here to be our mother. She is an amazing friend and partner in crime to my dad and all around Saucy Lady.

Word on the street: This is their honeymoon. Mom could have patented this "Come Hither" look. This could be Northern Quebec or BC...both were cold with big rocks and wind. Doesn't this picture make you want to have a cup of tea. My sister Charlotte really grabbed my mom's sense of independance and self-reliance so I love that this moment has caught them in a moment of desperate need to keep warm.

Or not. I'm not sure what the story is, that's what my imagination is for. She's such a goofball. There were a million of these pictures. Mom with ladies, laughing and hamming it up. There was no town name on this picture but judging by the size of the trees I'm guessing Matagami, Quebec. Ah, the life of a miners' family.

If you judged my mom's life on the pictures she just never stopped guffawing.

My mom was the first femail Reeve elected in one of our hometowns, Manitouwadge. It's a tough time to be Reeve of a town based on natural resources 2 years before one of the oldest mines shut down. It's devastating to everyone. She has balls of steel and started prepping the town to try and find other industry. Now I see commercials for Manitouwadge on the Outdoor Life Network - Extreme! Outdoors!

I'm not sure she'd approve of the focus of driving ski doos into the lake in August...but it's something right?

We've got your back Mom.


Rachel H said...

Aww. I heart your Mom.

Wannietta said...

Sounds like your joie de vivre is genetic!! Thanks for sharing your Mom with me.

Kim said...

Your Mom kicks ass! Happy Birthday to your Mom!

Lynn said...

Jen, give your Mom a big hug and kiss from me and my babies. Lots of love too. Lynn xoxo

Anonymous said...

the 4th picture down is Granisle, BC. The Lady is Lenia Murray, lived next door and the babe is Liz

Lorraine said...

Cheers to awesome moms!!

Stephannie said...

Happy Birthday Jen's Mom!

You're a good daughter. I didn't do this when my mom turned 60 (now I think I should go looking for some pictures--I love 70's snapshots).