Monday, March 26, 2007

Eight days of First Job.

So this is my ninth day at my new job which is about 6 feet from my bed. It's thundering and lightening outside and I am in love with not having to leave the house for the first time.

Working from home is so weird in the lack of social contact, movement and sunlight that it's going to be a real adjustment for me. I've been going to the gym after work 3 times a week but I need to incorporate have some daytime outside time before I develop a fishbelly white complexion.

The job itself has really put me off balance. It's not that often that we make changes this drastic in our lives any more, the changes that put us in totally unfamiliar waters where we don't know the people, their approaches - we have to learn how to communicate with a whole new team. Luckily they are all really welcoming, patient and so funny.

Setting up a home office that facilitates IT tech support and creative writing has proven to be a challenge for me and thus Jason. We've upgraded our interweb, replaced the guest bed with a futon, got a new filing cabinet and are in the process of looking for a desk which will allow the two very different spaces to coexist. HAH!

My Aunt Martha says that the only time you're actually expected to not know anything for six months is when you get a new job. It's still uncomfortable but this helps. We love my Aunt Martha.

Anyway, if you've emailed me and haven't heard back (Sean Portier) it's because your email got deleted out of my junk mail filter...resend please. Otherwise it's just cause I'm in that first month of a new job and adapting gets harder and harder as I get on in years dontcha know.


Wannietta said...

I did a lot of temp work years ago & that was one of the best parts - really not having to know very much about anything!
I hope that the new routine grows on you and you into it!

Aunt Martha said...

Oh my dear, you are too young to be saying that you're too old to adapt! That line is reserved for old codgers - like me!

Aunt Martha

Lorraine said...

I've been at my job for nearly three years and I still have no idea what I'm doing.

Enjoy the pj-time! Just know it's time to get outside if you start talking to clients about what you're wearing.

PS Spinning counts as "going outside" you know...

Anonymous said...

"get on in years" ??
Excuse me while I either die laughing or roll over and puke.
See you Wednesday?
Leslie - knitting therapist