Wednesday, February 28, 2007

You gotta keep on keepin' on.

Ah, shucks, you guys are the best.

I'm still alive, though moving my current office to a new location is kicking my butt. We have a skin and bones network and a lot of panicked and discomfitted staff so my days are spent in IT triage, ie: Is your problem big enough that it would impact all of us getting paid? Yes? Then you go first....Is your problem that you can't stream The Edge 102.1 on our very minimal bandwidth? You can wait a month.

I have finished a ton of knitting. Most items have even been photographed. I'm in the endzone sprint on the black lace shawl I'm knitting for my girlfriend's art show tomorrown night. 1800 stitches and blocking? GAME ON MO FO!

Am missing what is going to be *the* stitch 'n bitch of the year at Lettuce Knit in favour of a bath with a pitcher of wine. mmmm pitcher. Can't wait to write in detail...with details...about detailed know the kind.

Because I just got email at work some messages:

Michelle - Congratulations on your new home! I know you feel like you're a loosely wound ball of wool right now but all will be right soon - also, congratulations on your flooring!

Joyce - I can't wait to get your call with all the details, don't make me say it baby.

Krista - yay! Slumber party! Drinking! With Knitters!

Sandi - I will already be at The Knit Cafe for High Tea earlier in the day so count me in on the 4:00 seating as well, can't wait to catch up you beautiful quesadilla you.

Amy, and the rest of the Spidery Spinners - There will be a Tuesday evening very soon. Mmmm, pomegranate soda...maybe with vodka?


Lorraine said...

Yo. Good to hear news of you. You sure are funny. I'd like you to come do triage at my office please. I think using your screening methodology we could wipe away 90% of my to-do list and I could get in more quality on-the-job spinning time!!

Is Denny logging on from Oz? Hi Denny. PS The loom is warped and fabric has been woven. :-)

Anonymous said...

So Happy that the move went well--too bad you start the job after the horrific move.
How are things going?

Not An Artist said...

She's alive! Thanks for the well-wishes, you missed a truly funny moment last night when Joyce told Megan. She took a photo though, so you'll hopefully get to see it anyways ;)

Sandi Purl said...

yip yip yipeeee!!! you're back! I was getting all paranoid like "have i done something to offend jen? is that possible!?" stoked to know that we'll be droolin' over chocolate on sunday afternoon! xoxo

tapeheads said...
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tapeheads said...

Sorry I didn't phone you last night like I said I would.
Sadly, the photo is not the best and I would be doing Megan a great disservice by showing it to anyone!

But yes, the details can come out now. Yay!

(sorry about the removed post. I screwed up)

Erin said...

Sweetness - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send me an email when you get a chance.

Miss you loads and want to catch up!


Rachel H said...

I missed you on Wednesday. But I hope the hot bath and pitcher of wine did all the good things for you that really, only a hot bath and a pitcher of wine can do.

krista said...