Friday, February 02, 2007

Tap tap tap. Is this thing on??

The application for my new life has been gently deposited in the capable hands of the Ryerson Admission Office. I am free from my essay which of course means I am free to blog!

I have knitting, spinning and more knitting to show and tell but until I get home to my pictures I leave you with this image:

Rush Limbaugh, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee.

If he wins, I will eat my unwashed Alpaca fleece.


Not An Artist said...

Well in that vein I'd like to nominate Robin Williams for Physics -- after all, he invented Flubber, right?

Carol said...

Since his biggest contribution to society was proving a stereotype srong...that all drug addicts were thin!

Sandi Purl said...

essay-freedom! cheers!

denny Mcmillan said...

now just waiting??? get out the knitting girl.

Cin said...

Hey Jen

Glad you're back!! I hope all goes well for your entrance into your new life! I think you'll make an amazing midwife!


Diane said...

while you wait...u can spin and knit...spin and knit...spin and knit...good luck