Friday, February 09, 2007

Let the Wild Rumpus Begin

For the past year, almost exactly(!) that a group of dedicated knitters and drinkers have been meeting once a month at various pubs and bars around Toronto to Knit! Drink! Tink!

In celebration of this awesome migration we have created a new blog dedicated soley to the March of the Knitters - you can find us at

If you're in town on the second Friday of the month, come by the Spotted Dick for a pint and a stitch or two.

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Lorraine said...

Hi! Drunken knitters tonight eh? Hm...I'm actually in town (just back from a nutty work week of travel). The problem is, while I do knit and I do tink, I don't really drink (not enough anyway, as I recently disclosed at my latest check-up). Let me soul search and see what my inner curmudgeon has to say.