Sunday, January 14, 2007

You can colour me inspired.

I recently finally got Inspired Cable Knits. I'd been drooling over this book since I saw Fiona Ellis speak at the DKC - I think since the spring. Not only were the garments she brought in spectacular, Fiona was a brilliant clear and elegant speaker.

Often I get wrapped up in the seeming life or death necessity of owning a beautiful knitting book often to the detriment of my finances. Since money is tight I've been giving myself a 1 month minimum holding period at the end of which, if the book still kicks my ass and juices up my creativity, it comes home with me.

This is one such book. The eye candy of the design, photography and language sucked me in immediately. So I took a step back and breathed - for the past 8 months my wanting this book has not slacked off or been tempered by time. Considering my cravings often are distracted by shiny things as banal as a good cup of coffee or a drop in temperature my continued need for it was a good "sign"

Fiona manages to write complicated patterns clearly in both chart as well as knitterly English. I love that she lets us into some of her creative process, as a young knitter this process is completely foreign. Finding out where the inspiration for her patterns comes from makes me feel like I'm being led down a path to where I might find inspiration (albeit for some lewd comedy bit)

This is not a book for the non adventurous beginner. It is assumed that you know how to cast on and there is very little space dedicated to the mechanics of a knit stitch. Fiona knows you're hungry to get at the cabling so she doesn't distract you with any hors d'oeuvres before she slaps a big medium rare slab of challenging cabley(?) goodness on your plate.

If you don't see me for a few weeks it's because I'm working on "Gathering intentions" and may be tangled in i-Cord. Send help.

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Stickchicky said...

I'm working on that exact sweater as we speak. I'm doing it in some Charcoal Classic Elite "Princess" and It's turning out better than I thought. I can't wait to get that merinoey, cashmerey sweater on my back. Good luck with yours's totally worth it.