Sunday, January 21, 2007

So many things to be done and that have been done.

I've done. Am in the heat of application essays right now - it's sucking me dry.

The upside is that while I research and write I've finished a wack of non deadline future/impacting projects. You know wack is to projects what gaggle is to geese etc etc etc. This just goes to show that I will do ANYTHING to avoid my inner critic. Man, she is a bitch to the point of rendering me incapable of writing anything. It's really annoying and I think I finally quelled her constant nittering this weekend.

The results of my procrastination:

- Vesper socks. I don't usually get sucked into the heat of the moment with the yarn trends but Vesper sock yarn really is all that and a bag of crisps.

- Thrummed mittens. First birthday gift of the year. I may be the only Torontonian happy with the freezing temperatures.

- I've reached the halfway mark in my sweater.

- Spinning: I have homework and it's getting done. I have two more assignments I'm hoping to use to break the monotony - I mean inspire me in the personal essay writing.

Things is getting done yo! Mayhaps there will be pictures but that depends mostly on the results of essay writing today.


Rachel H said...

Good for you for quelling the inner critic. Mine's so damn loud I went and adopted a kitten yesterday so the purring could help drown her out. The boychild is pleased with this technique. The dog is confused but optimistic. The existing cat is not amused but he'll get over it. I'm happy. Having spinning homework would've been cheaper though...

Dr. Steph said...

Sweetie, if you want me to read anything over for you, just send to me. I've been through the academic application process a bunch of times.

Good luck with it.

Lorraine said...

Good luck!! You can do it!! (The spinning homework I mean.) (Just kidding.)

PS Rachel H you want some spinning homework too? I'll trade you for a kitten :-)
PPS Denny you out there? What's the best way to reach you these days?