Monday, January 08, 2007

New Years Resolutions

I love me a new year. How often do you feel like you have a clean slate? January is creatively my most inspiring month. I wish I could stretch it out for 6 more months - except then I wouldn't have my new months resolutions for the next 6 months.

I'm just that crazy about resolutions - I love them. Every month and week comes with something new I'd like to do or do better. It makes me feel like if I get hit by a bus delivering more Noro Kureyon to the world to make more Lizard Ridges, that I would go fulfilled and knowing that I did my all to cram every second of life with more.

Sounds exhausting? It's not, more could mean, knitting, spinnning, yoga, cooking, snuggling, stretching, quality girl time - it's not always volume but quality time and quality living (often meaning less shitty TV).

I love new years. Last year I had 40 resolutions and accomplished more than 80% of them. It was a pretty decent year.

This years list is pretty extensive, I've subdivided it into manageable bite sized bits. It's really exciting that quitting smoking and crack isn't on my list - all habit forming all the time yo! A sample of this years new world:

Work Week resolutions:
- I will eat breakfast, by this I mean, I will eat anything before 11:00am.
- I will get to work of my own steam (walking, biking, blading) more than I do by TTC.
- I will not let people in the office "hurt my feelings"

- I will make my own lunch and afternoon snack.
- I will never skip my lunch break at work.

- I will practise yoga every day - either in a full class or at home. This makes me a happier person. I will try meditation.
- I will not schedule or take part in stitch and bitches every night of the week. It's ok to knit alone and it's ok not to carry a membership card to every snb in the city....though I will find a way to visit with all the knitting ladies I've met who I love and adore.
- I will read.

Creative Kitty Resolutions:
- More knitting, more spinning, more writing
- I'm going to knit all birthday and Christmas gifts this year and I will start knitting for all birthdays one month in advance and Christmas gifts will be started in June (Isn't that just the *cutest* thing ever?) It makes me want to pinch my own cheeks condescendingly.
- I'm going to learn and embrace 2 new ways of casting on.
- I'm going to have some discipline around my wheel spinning - Maybe Sundays will be for's got nice alliteration at least.

There are more. So many more, a lot of them involve having a healthy baby to bribe and bait our parents with. Visit Smiths Falls more.

Have more sex in tents, go canoeing more, swim naked more, enjoy more campfires, refine my smores recipes.

You know, the classic resolutions.


robyn said...

yeah, every year i try to have one or two resolutions, but i have been thinking more and more that having a huge list of 40 or 50 will give me more options, allow me to break things down more, and give me more fun things to choose from! so i'm going to finish off my resolutions list during the rest of this week!

thanks for the inspiration!

Karla said...

Well if you don't already know how to do it, the twisted german cast-on is great! I just learned how to do it for the Here There Be Dragons socks, and I'm a total convert. The cast-on I've used for pretty much everything prior to this doesn't stretch much at all, so I'd have this nice ribbed cuff with an edge that wouldn't stretch. The twisted german cast-on is nice and stretchy.

Anonymous said...

The only new year's resolution I've ever kept is no more resolutions... this year marks 16 years of no new year's resolutions! That said, I give myself "goals" or "tasks" all the time throughout the year. Without them I'd be a drunk chain-smoking 400-lb druggie unemployed video-gamer with a caffeine problem ;)

Dr. Steph said...

I'm glad you pinched your cheeks, because I would have done it for you. But I also suspect you can do it.

And I bet if you do the breakfast one, a lot of the others will happen.

Is that a Mom thing to say or what?!

krista said...

Your ambition humbles me.

Sorry I dropped the ball on our email tag regarding a date. My new job has buried me. Deep, deep, deeply buried.

Hope things are good with you, and I hope when I climb out of this pile I'm in, you aren't in a pile of your own, and maybe we can connect.

Miss ya.

Anonymous said...

You are very ambitious and have made a great list of resolutions. :)

I especially like the canoeing bit. Last year we didn't get out much, but this year our plan is to get out at least twice a month with the kids (day trips) and do a couple more camping trips too. :)