Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Living in duct and edema world

Am on my first lactation management course.

It's great to be in a room all day learning about basic lactation concepts.

Will have more for you sweet sweet aweome readers later in the week.

Lots of knitting and lots of interesting (to me anyway) thoughts.

My sister doing well and you guys are awesome. I reread that post and my stomach heaved again - my instinct was to apologize for the melodramatic tone, and then I realized that that was exactly how I felt...and still do.


krista said...

I love melodrama.

I had my heart in my throat when I read your last post too- I am glad your sis is OK!

Miss you,

PS- When is the next get together at lettuce knit? maybe i can come?

Anonymous said...

i approve of melodrama. sometimes it's the only way to be honest.

also, your world is better than a duck and enema world. because ducks are nice, but not when you try to give them...you know.

Lynn said...

Glad to hear your sister is okay, and you too. Whew, what a scare!

Duck? Enema? Hmm sounds out there. But hey, never say never.

Anonymous said...

Whew! I'm glad your sister is okay. {{{hugs}}} to you both.