Monday, January 15, 2007

Blue Moon Wensleydale Dreams

Last night before I went to bed I spent a good solid two hours fixing my knitting from Friday night. It's a top down wrap around cardi out of delicious Blue Moon Wensleydale which sounds a lot like cheese that Wallace might eat too much of. I'm blaming it for the crazy dreams.

My dreams last night involved a holiday party at the home of Will and Tania. I walked in and the lights were down *really* low, like it was dark with a couple of tea lights low. In the darkness I see my boss and my network administrator hovering over the gherkins awkwardly talking to Will. I don't know why they are there but I'm desperately trying not to get cornered by them.

Aviva came down the stairs and asked me if I wanted my tarot cards read. Jumping at the chance, I followed her up the stairs where she proceeded to read my cards. I shuffled the cards from this deck and chose 5 cards to flip. Aviva interpreted the first four cards and then stalled on Three of Bowls so she left me to go look it up in the reference book.

Jason looked it up for me this morning, a nice solid card of unity. It can be interpreted as the "Yes and..." card of tarot.

Isn't that just wild?


Anonymous said...

I love that cardigan. Now I want one too!

aviva said...

Honey, I'm flattered I made it into your subconscious. I think it's a sign that we should hang out more. The puppet is going to waste away unless I get my hands on some felt and (googly-or-not) eyes. Incidentally, I read some tarrot cards in December and loved it. Maybe my subconscious and your subconscious met somewhere special last night...

Lorraine said...

Okay I know I'm a bit out of date on the posts but I just want to be clear on something: do you like Children of Men because of the fertility motif OR is it because or Clive Owen? Feminist theory. Riiiiight. I suppose we could see Clive as his own little fertility enhancement machine. Now I see what you're on about.