Friday, December 22, 2006

Welcome to Blogland!

So in the past couple weeks a couple of close friends have joined blogland. If you get a chance while counting the minutes on the last day of work before CDay, go give a warm knit/spinnerly welcome to my friend Sean an animator for the shop Fat Kats.

I'm pretty sure some of you have already unwittingly seen some of his work, really funny stuff. A good way to spend a sloooooooooooow day at the office...

Also, my partner in crime, best friend, man extraordinaire Jason has finally gone techno! He's got a great piece up there right now all about the true joys of the office christmas party. I would love it if you could go show him some sweet blogland love

Lastly, last week Stephanie wrote an beautiful piece on how to reconnect with the spirit of giving over the holidays. A time when we implement management techniques and coping mechanisms for having too much food and taking too much advil to help with our hangovers from drinking too much mulled wine(maybe that's just me).

Take a moment to share what you can so that other folks can have access to medical supplies that they would otherwise not have. See how far we've come since the original post here.

Go for the writing and stay for the sharing. Happy Holidays Yo!

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