Friday, December 08, 2006

Watching a train wreck.

I got the call today that the cast for the Friday Show at the Bad Dog Theatre was short a person. Thinking to myself, "I'm both short and an improvisor" I booked in.

The last show I did was so much fun that it reminded me about everything I love about performing improv. Living on the edge, making a full house laugh, pretending to be Holmes on Homes with a great rack.

Tonight was the show that reminded me that improv is often times like a train wreck you not only can't escape watching but must commit to watching - desperately hoping beyond hope that some dignity will be left when the lights come down. It reminded me that it takes years to build the chops that good improvisors need to take a leap and enter an empty stage to make magic out of nothing but faith that other players are interested in making comedy gold with you.

To do improv with new young terrified/cocky improvisors you need the ability to do what I call, "Extreme Improv". I need to deal with my improv atrophy if I get invited to do this show again.

Am currently enjoying a glass of delicious red wine while roasting butternut squash and prepping my first *real* lace project for blocking. The true joy of tonight is that even a shit ass terrible show is better than watching 3 hours of CSI feeling sorry for myself.

Knowing this makes the blasphemy of bad improv worth every painful awkward silence.

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Trope said...

Yeowch. I've always wondered if that happens sometimes with improv; now I know.

I started lurking sometime last month. (waves) Can we see the lace, hunh?