Friday, December 29, 2006


This Christmas I restricted myself to knitting 2 gifts. The big brouhaha was Lizard Ridge done in secret for Jason. It's the first blanket I've knit for my own family and I loved every minute of knitting it at the office and at my class over the past 3 months.

Blocking the squares and reclaiming my cube world, a lot of folk asked me where I got the squares. Isn't this an awesome sight? I was certainly a lot more cheery in my veal cube while the Lizard was up.

I think it was the comparison of the boring cubicle vs the unadulterated awesomeness of Noro.

The Lizard came up to Aurora with me for a slumber party with Silent K and family. I put Aidan to work as soon as possible. He placed all 32 squares perfectly. Then he made tags for all of the squares with the corresponding numbers so that I wouldn't forget the order when I sewed them together.

Smart kid that Aidan.

Jean Anne helped me finish sewing the squares together at stitch and bitch a couple of weeks ago. Right when my sticktoitiveness was starting to wane - she stepped in and saved me.

I brought the borderless beast to Lettuce Knit to work on while I worked there. Megan generously let me leave the blanket at the store until the snb before Christmas. Denny had been doodling around with a spare crochet hook and left a beautiful border on it.

I call this: Denny as Stained Glass

The blanket made an appearance at the Lettuce Knit Christmas Party as a finished work of art. It was featured on one of the awesome carollers that came to visit that night. I thought it did a great job channelling the chameleonic nature of it's namesake to look like a poncho or wrap on her. Don't you?


Rachel H said...

Denny makes such a lovely stained glass. Did the manboy appreciate it appropriately?

denny Mcmillan said...

Ahh thanks Rachel H. I think she should start knitting more for the office. Thats just peope need these gray days, noro, norn, noro, as far as the eyes can see. Keep knitting squares Jen.

Craftygrrrl said...

I love the blocking noro in the veal pen!

Did the boy plotz?

Anonymous said...

dayahm jen, that's purty!

Martina said...

Ab Fab! What a lucky guy! Love the stained glass picture

Carol said...

The stained glass picture is really cool. As is the blanket. And I absolutely LOVE the blocking squares at work! What a great way to brighten things up!

krista said...

That picture of Aidan made me snort. haha. Very cute.

He look like a little elf or something.

Sandi Purl said...

effen awesome! keep on rockin' noro-style!