Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hangover Helper

I went to the first of the holiday parties last night thank the gods I'm working at Lettuce Knit today to help cushion the blow to my cranial matter.

Come by - I'll be wearing the Christmas cowboy hat. It's awesome


Lorraine said...

Love the lace! Coincidence: I just made that very same scarf with that very same cashmere (except blue) from that very same place (in Ottawa, yes?). Love love love it. Hope your head's feeling better!!

denny Mcmillan said...

Yo heads up! Lorraine bought yarn, already spun, from a store.

And I didn't sell it to her , sombody did. But not I.

Bitter... ahh....... YES.

Hurt yes yes yes, I want to be your cashmere gal, Lorraine.

I like scaves though.

maggieBB said...

christmas cowboy hat? *love*