Monday, December 18, 2006

Fat head

I finished a bunch of projects this weekend none of which would fit me in a million years.

Yet while in the moment of knitting each item the thought didn't cross my mind once that maybe my head wasn't 30 inches in diameter and my body a size 2. Apparently in the land of denial I'm an alien from Mars Attacks.

Disheartening. I'm going to try and shrink the Topi hat that I knit and go extreme blocking on the moebius wrap out of my handspun that Denny hooked me up with. Otherwise some 10 year old is going to get a garment that she may or may not appreciate.

Spent the weekend enjoying the arts. A Twisted Christmas Carol then watching some frigging talented knitters sing some awesome karaoke.

Sunday I baked, roasted more coffee than I thought was possible in a 6 hour time span and enjoyed some lace. I've also swatched for my next sweater project in spite of clearly having no clue what I look like.

Game on body image issues - Game. On.


denny Mcmillan said...

Now with wrap you must must must bind off loosly, really loose. go back a few rows if you need more yarn.To. Bind.
Off. Loose. Going to bake more cookies. umm.

krista said...

hey Jen, I bought a ball of Noro because I was inspired by your lizard ridge, and now I am scratching my head trying to figure out the pattern.

Maybe it can wait. Until you come here again.

I need your help.

Sandi Purl said...

can't wait to see y'all topi in your mobi, yo!
check it. big yarn. big needles. nice break. americo? pushy, pushy??