Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Christmas Snarl

My Aunt Martha calls the week before C-Day the Christmas Snarl. I think it refers to the feeling of last minute gift buying, baking, knitting and wrapping. Once the first family event happens or it becomes impossible to shop and replace gifts it's all fun and games. She's absolutely right.

This is how I mastered my Christmas Snarl. Meet Lorraine, Mistress of Spin, Keeper of the Bobbin of Aragorn etc etc. Lorraine gave me some extremely helpful tips because I'm a new spinner they were awkward to start with but so helpful after a couple of hours.

Meet Denny the Gandolf of Knitting and Manipulator of the Dark Fibre Arts and her henchman Mel , Knower of the Orifice, who is breaking in her brand new wheel!

The whole night felt about 1 hour long and yet when I got home 3 hours had passed. Magical!


Martha said...

Naturally, I LOVE it when I make it into your blog. Possibly because I find the subject of myself fascinating.

I have now appeared twice - first, in a cautionary tale of tupperware, and today as an irritable woman in the week before Christmas...dare I say as "Everywoman"?

Aunt Martha

Lorraine said...

Hey Jen,
Eeek! Captured in a photo on the blog. I'm way out of my element here but thanks for the kind words anyway. Like your Aunt M, I too get in a snarl at this time and there is nothing better to desnarl then to spin with the ladies. Now put that camera down and focus on the twist! ;-)