Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Cheap out meme.

I'm doing a meme taken from Knitgrrl. I'm going to ogle 007's supposedly hard and enormous calves tonight and I expect I may be too distracted to write anything cohesive.

The first sentence from the first blog posting of every month in 2006.

I love January. It's a new year with a whole new set of resolutions.

If Ignatieff becomes the leader of the liberal party I shall be chafed, there's just something about him.

So I finished my Canada Socks on the day of the closing ceremonies.

I think not bitches.

From my Aunt Sally (THE MOST LUCKY AUNT EVER):

"So, I am idly waiting in line at Fabricland to pay for sequins and beads (total $1.24), and thinking that all the staff time and paperwork to run this sale up is ridiculous, when I absent-mindedly fill out a form that seems to want my name and address.

My manboy and I took Wednesday off from work to go see Martin Short in his new play, Fame Becomes Me.

When my Mom lost her leg (if you find it let me know in the comments) she worked really hard at learning to walk with her prosthetic.

It's so hot that the wind feels less like fresh air and more like the pervert in the park licking my back.

Nothing cures the malaise like heading up north where the air was as cold as the beer and the family convened in great numbers...

I'm retaking Grade 12 Biology and it starts on Thursday.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away I had the good luck to find two very different women to live with in Montreal.

This is the funniest thing I've seen in days.


Jill said...

Seriously. Wait for the bedroom scene near the end of the movie and check out his calves. They are huge. It's a little weird. But he is oh so hot!

Lorraine said...

You know, I've been hearing a lot of chatter about this film. My other half saw it and he said "you probably wouldn't like it". Now I get it! He wouldn't LIKE me to like it. Good thing Matt has his own awesome calves. Now bring on 007.....

krista said...

That is so fun. I enjoyed that. I think I am going to do it too. Of course mine won't be nearly as funny as yours and will probably sound something like this:

January: I am sad
February: I am happy
March: I am angry
April: I am inspired
May: I am moody


Self indulgent? Oui, oui.

Steph said...

You're it! I tagged you. See blog for details.