Wednesday, December 13, 2006

At a loss for words.

I'm being creatively dryhumped by my day today. By this I mean thinking is hard. This happens way more often than I would like and I've recently taken to looking through older pictures for inspiration.

You Ikea afficionados may recognize the frog toy as one of the mass produced beasts that you find in that bottomless pit of coma inducing comsumerism. My mom loves Ikea. Even floors, lots of resting places, cheap furniture and she has a not so secret love of finding all the shortcuts (charming in Ikea, frightening on logging roads).

I call it Mom friendly, soft-core parkour

The second I walk into that place I lose my sense of direction, time and consciousness finding myself on the other side of the check out with 10 years supply of pillar candles and tea lights.

My mom protects me from these side effects by inspiring a goofiness most people try and quell. We design sets out of the furniture, try on lampshades and set up the stuffed animals in scenes that might resemble reality.

Have any of you ever seen the documentary on Cane Toads? Ikea could use more displays like this if you ask me.

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Lorraine said...

I like the meatballs. Whatever lingenberries are, they're very yummy with meatballs.

You at the DKC fashion show tonight? I'm modelling a sweater. Please no heckling.