Friday, November 17, 2006

So maybe I'll have as many posts as there are days in November

I got home last night at 12:30am. We went to a music event for the Reel Asian Film Festival.
It was great in spite of being at the Drake. The first time I've been to the Drake that I didn't get ditched.

The highlight for me was Goh Nakamura, coulda been the weather and the long days but his lyrics and guitar skills made my week. It hit the sweet spot dontcha know. I am Robot And Proud hit the stage next and while I wasn't prepped for the synth pop action it would have been more digestible in the summer on a party hard sort of night.

All said it was a great night, my friend Nelson organized the event and he was stellar. The funny came when about 3 Asian photographers came by to take our table's pictures - we were the token honkeys at the party and like the squirrels at Niagara on the Lake, we were picture worthy.

We gave our best Holleywood laughs and two stepped the night away.

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