Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Pomposity of the Ass Variety

I realized as I reread yesterdays post that I came off like quite the pompous ass. Consider it part of my charm and the brown rice cleanse diet that I'm enjoying.

Day Three: Three issues have come to the foreground - my fartiness (a delight to my coworkers), the sheen of sweat upon my milky brow and my complete lack of humour/patience.

I feel that yesterday's rant post was due in part to the lack of patience.

Lots of knitting and spinning content - the spinning. Oh how I love it.


Lorraine said...

Did someone say spinning? You look healthier already. You know what else you need--a trip to the Royal!! See you Sunday? I didn't think you were pompous. But I do think you need some bacon. L:

Jill said...

I was all set to try out your brown rice plan...and than I ate something yucky and have been sick for the last 24 hours. And all I want now is a HAMBURGER DAMN IT. But all I'm eating are bananas and rice.

Craftygrrrl said...

It's evil I know but I'm so looking forward to watching you at the auction if you are still in your present state then.

I have visions of you being out bid on a beautiful fleece and you unleashing a mighty fury upon the head of the will be like the old skool WWF Rumble/Cage Matches.