Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The only kind of whine I'm good for the is the red kind

Thanks for all the comments on the meatless "clean" Jen! She'll be here for another 12 days tops - I'm way more fun dirty...like a martini really.


Whiners beware. I'm a solution provider so when you whine to me about life hardships I will only suggest options to resolve these hardships (unless they are clinical or biological and then I will suggest a professional). It's kind of the way I'm programmed. Which means if you're looking for someone to attend your pity party - I'm not your gal.

The problem is I know folks who are faced with the challenge of getting out of bed and then facing their day. This is almost insurmountable and yet they do it in a way that makes that bitch of a day quake in fear.

I'm cool with empathy and sympathy but if your situation is changeable and you have some power to manage it (ie: dump the asshole, talk to your manager, eat healthier) and you don't...I am not the ears you need for the job. Not only will I reject the invitation to your pity party but if I pretended to accept it I would be the obnoxious uncle monopolizing the punch bowl...I will annoy you to no end.

The reason for this post is that my mom had a rough rough day a few days ago. She almost never has these rough days and I think they shake her up for a couple of days. My mom is such a tough love loving kind of woman that we forget that she needs the kid gloves like the rest of us, and she forgets how to say it. I reserve my soft love for these moments.

It really puts perspective around boyfrend troubles, job troubles and having no time to go drinking sort of troubles. The rest of the gossip mongers at work and whiners in the world can go suck an egg.


Liz said...

well said!

Sandi Purl said...

you need your own daytime talk show so you can rant to the masses! can i be a guest on your show? or maybe the side kick? hugs to yer ma!

jacquieblackman said...

You know how to put things in *ahem* perspective. I agree with Sandi, you need you're own show. I wouldn't want to be a guest, but I damn well would want to be on your production team. Go git 'em, girl!

learninghorses said...

add me to the production team.

Sophia said...

This is why I generally try to keep things light or just touch on the rough stuff - others don't need to have this stuff inflicted on them. I think if someone's having a rough time, comfort is good, but if they are determined to wallow and it becomes a regular mode of being for them -- that's where the foot has to come down. Nobody likes an energy vampire. Please, please, please do have me on your talk show for an intervention if I ever show signs.