Saturday, November 11, 2006

Just in the knick of time.

I was watching Saturday Night Live tonight and Amy Poehler delivered the line "Panty Crickets" in reference to Britney Spears picking them up from KFed.

Made. My. Night.

Other lines from this weekend:

Summer Tent Sale: In reference to the binge of sexual freedom that summertime brings. Good times for all.

Rectal Cavity of Llamas: They're apparently quite huge according to Maggie, the vet student. Who knew?

I'm off to the Royal Winter Fair tomorrow morning. I'll update this post with appropriate links tomorrow.


maggieBB said...

thanks so much for letting me crash at your place friday night! i had a shockingly good sleep, and am sure i would be dead right now if I hadn't...

I was elbow deep in 3 different cows tonight, and I thought of you while I did that ;) I'm not sure if any of them were pregnant, but I found an ovary :P

uploading that picture is high on my to do list when this crazy 24-hours-at-OVC thing ends
(okay, i'm going to 3 hockey games first, but picture uploading is high on the list!)

Craftygrrrl said...

Elbow deep in a cow...Ah the memories...and I didn't have to go to vet school for that experience, we just called it springtime on the farm.ymz

Sandi Purl said...

Amy Poehler makes a great Britney, yo!
that was hilarious. what was that about doing it in the booty and still getting pregnant? reminded me of you. ha!