Friday, November 03, 2006

The Joy of Hooky Nooky

Today J and I played hooky from work. We've had a really crazy busy month and we just wanted a day to have afternoon sex (hooky nooky) and brunch. Maybe watch another halloweeny movie.

The other thing on my list of things to do (after Jason) was to start Christmas shopping. Get the kids' gifts. I feel that while gifts for friends and family are important they aren't as important as gifts for the kids. How else am I going to maintain my position as World's Greatest Aunt if not by spoiling them rotten?

We went off to the chiropractor, got cracked, enjoyed breakfast nachos (huevos rancheros) and went to the toy store. Man, I love the Toy Shoppe. We managed to get something for all the kids and since we belong to the ROM we got a discount yo!

Christmas 2006 - The year we didn't go bankrupt because we spread the shopping out. Do I dare dream? Well no, I daren't and here's why. We got all warmed up with money spending so that when we walked into the bike store with the 30% off sale we were totally primed for blowing my wad on a bike.

It was a fiscal bloodbath. What I never remember is that the bike is actually only the beginning - then you need the uber lock, the bell, the helmut, the fender and the basket rack - by the time it was over I was dizzy and somewhat nauseous. It cost about as much as Stella when all was said and done.

My last two bikes have gotten lifted by bike thieves so I will be protecting this baby like a mother bear protects her cub. Roar!

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krista said...

Fiscal blood bath. Ha!

Tha tis exactly what will happen to me if I ever go a little manic and find myself in a camera shop.