Sunday, November 12, 2006

I woke up today knowing less than I do now....about sheep

So I did a whole lot a learnin' today at the Royal Winter Fair with Denny, Laura and Mel. For instance, Mel taught me that this boy is not in fact a Rasta Sheep but a Lincoln. I feel his kind may be the most chill of all sheep. How could they not be. Their fleece is very dense and uber curly.
Before the fleece goes up for auction you can submit it to competition. It gets judge on all sorts of stuff - the vocabulary escapes me right now but doesn't it look delicious? Well, it's not - it's quite nasty and I highly recommend you get your filthy paws off of it because I'm about to blow my wad buying it.

For instance, this 9 lb bag of prize winning Corriedale from Carol Trotter. Back off bitches that stinky lanoliny fibre is mine.

Denny and I went in together to bid on just over a pound of Iclandic Ewe fleece. Ah que c'est Belle! The tag you see attached was for my Corriedale....

I met Sabine from Lindenhof Mills - As did all the other bidders...witness the joy of bringing a truck to the Tdot. This was about 6 spinners worth of wool - probably over 50 lbs of raw unadulterated uncensored fleece yo.

Before the feeding frenzy, I got to watch the Sheep to Shawl competition for awhile and caught a glimpse of this spinner performing a rare ritual...wheel spinning. I've never seen Lorraine use a wheel - it was quite the sight to behold. Never mind the 40 some spinners and the 7 weavers all working their brains off to create most beautiful shawls.I finished some stuff. Socks. Pretty boring I know but these socks set me free as they are promised socks and now they are done I'm free as a bird. And thusly started three new projects in a fit of excitement. They are Regia and Kroy standard traditional very acceptable but boring socks.


Rachel H said...

I went to the Science Centre today with boy and in a thermal imaging doohickey they have set up learned that my nose is rather significantly colder than the rest of my face.

I'm betting the stuff you learned today is much, much more useful.

Jean-Anne said...

What size needles did you use for the socks? I am in search of the perfect gauge for my socks. I was using a 2.25 mm for the pink and green and everyone at drunken knitting had their own answer as to it being right or wrong.

Lorraine said...

Great to see you at the Royal yesterday, and to meet the boy too! I hope all the weird spinning behaviour didn't frighten him too much. It was a hectic day--not enough time to talk to anyone as much as I would like, but fun to see so many in one place anyway. Now I'm exhausted. Oops I mean now I'm back at my day job and better get to work. L:

Sandi Purl said...

wow! looks like you had a *sheep*full o'fun! and those socks are NOT boring. knitted socks are never ever boring!!! come on, now!