Monday, November 13, 2006

Fast food blogging.

This posting everyday business makes me feel like I'm producing fast food writing. It satisfies for the moment but it doesn't really stick or provide any nutritional substance.

I went out for a marathon brunch and window shopping excursion with my friend Stasha. Crappy brunch delightful window shopping. Anyway she and I used to smoke like chimneys back in the early days then when she quit she would smoke illicit ciggies with me and now that I've quit we smoke illicits with each other once every three or four months.

Until Sunday when she turned to me and said that she would never smoke again because she felt it was disgusting that you could see what was inside someone's lungs. For example, the next time you're walking down the street or having a smoke with someone consider for a moment that the air you're breathing that smells like cigarettes was actually in that strangers lungs.

You would never exchange greetings and yet all of a sudden you're sharing the same gross smelling breath.

Disgusting. Witness the death of my illicit cigarette smoking habit.


canknitian said...

Oh. GROSS. That would do it. :)

Trope said...

UGH! Good point she has.
I disagree about the "fast food" nature of the blogging--this is short, but I think it will stick in my brain for quite a while.

Not An Artist said...

On the other hand? The same can basically be said of any air we breathe.

Jen said...

Of course Miche-Miche but you can SEE smoke from someone else's lungs.

Grodie to the max.